lm2a, software & training

Our compromise

We in lm2a declare our commitment:

  • The quality of our work
  • The dissemination of knowledge
  • The sustainability of our planet


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In lm2a want that quality will be the main feature that differentiates us from the competition in our service offering. We built quality practices throughout the development cycle and also from our position as trainers we advocate to the developers to adopt them as a sine qua non of the software development task.

Dissemination of knowledge

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All of us are aware that what we've achieved was with the help of others who knew more and helped us. From that perspective we use to colaborate with the developer community either through publishing articles or training people, sharing the knowledge we have accumulated over the years. We live in an age of communication and this state of "connection" we enjoy today, can catalyze the development of mankind. And we want to help that happen.

Working for sustainability

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Is time to be worried about our planet. So, we believe that from where we can, we should try to do something to help make things go better. From that perspective, we have created and developed in spare time, Axuka, a mobile/web site that attempts to replace cardboard cards to exchange contact information. It is completely free and we encourage all visitors of to this page to click on the image and invest a few minutes to learn and perhaps become Axuka users. Because it's better than the current cards for both, the planet and for the daily dynamics of professional life.