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Mobile developments

What we offer

In LM2A we specialize in mobility developments. Since 2004 our staff has been working in JME firstly (Blackberry & Symbian) and since 2008 with Android and IOS. lm2a offers outsourcing as well as teaching to turn development teams from backend development to mobility and coaching to support complex projects developments.

Coming from Java have a strong orientation to the Android platform, however since mid-2012 have incorporated IOS development, thus completing what constitutes something more than 85% of the mobility current market. We use to work on demand with JME although the platform limitations restrict application portability to IOS or Android.

When developing applications client-server (which is most demanded development), we offer also both ends. Especially when is mandatary to create Web services to expose certain features from legacy applications. We know the importance of understand correctly the mobile client to develop backend services who take into account the particularities of the mobile client. Another service we offer is the porting from legacy applications, usually originally developed for PDA or JME, to modern platforms like Android or IOS. Still working as an external contractor we try to collaborate on the application design to propose, when fit, the new mobility concepts incorporation such as NFC (Near Field Communication) or AR (Augmented Reality).

Test our quality

To facilitate to our users the quality checking of our development, we have published in Play Market two demo applications. QuantumDraw, which is a collaborative tool to draw in remote way (it has been rated with five stars by the users) and MySongBook which is a productivity application for musician pros.

QA for mobility

We provide too services for QA. Basically quality code check, as well as mock applications to check backend from a real device. We are proud to had been working for SocialLife, Sony's tablet applicastion (through Lumata Group), doing that kind of mock clients to check backend Restful services and GCM.

Some of our customers:

Cap GeminiTragsatecNetmindSogeti