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From our knowledge of the development department's dynamics, we offers a training product, unique given its characteristics, and teached in all cases by professionals with real experience in development.

Essentials Workshops

curva de aprendizaje

The EW (Essential Workshops) are courses that work on the first third of the learning curve, what is called Beginner's Hell, that is, the hardest part, where, to acquire a core of knowledge (to can then continue learning seamlessly) take the longest time. The EW are compact courses, where the pupils acquire: an overview, key concepts and a method of work on the subject to be treated. So the learner can be quickly productive and self-learning to continue alone. The assistant obtains the EW-time savings of up to 7 times compared to the self-learning. Optimizing the economic cost of the relationship (known)/ (time spent) from the minimization of time spent.


Programming skills and previous experience in programming

Structure and course duration

8 hours in classroom and 4 hours of on-line support for additional practice. The customer can choose from, give it in a day or two.

Catalog of courses

EW-STR Struts
EW-HBN Hibernate
EW-JFF Java Server Faces
EW-SPR Spring
EW-XML XML (java processing)
EW-JUN Unit Tests (JUNIT)
EW-JWS Java Web services